Media Net Link

Our Process

At Media Net Link, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the business needs you have today, and we transform those needs into the precise solution you need for tomorrow.

  1. Consultation - How do ideas turn into actions? Who will translate business needs to development lingo? MNL Project Managers will meet with you to discuss and consult before, during, and after every project.
  2. Proposal - Why is this the best course of action? MNL commits to offering at least three possible solutions to every project: "Good", "Better", "Premium".
  3. Development - After a solution is selected MNL begins an extensive development and review cycle engaging you every step of the way to ensure constant communication, awareness and ultimate satisfaction.
  4. Client Review - Who's running the show? MNL provides continual client access to all development sites before testing, giving you the opportunity to make changes or additions.
  5. Testing - Every project is tested by different MNL qualified staff using project-specific testing guidelines. We test and re-test and will not certify complete until each test runs correctly.
  6. Launch & Monitor - Set to Launch - still things can happen - MNL will monitor the project under warranty to guarantee the project is completed to perfection; on schedule and within budget!