Media Net Link

Application Development

If our project managers are the backbone of our business, then our technical analysts are the muscle - they provide the heavy lifting for all of our projects. The most critical part of any project is the code, and our programmers are masters. Credentials? How about computer science degrees from UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Languages? You name it - we have it. But for our engineers, the challenge goes far beyond creating a piece of code.

We pride ourselves on pushing our developers to achieve at the highest level. Each is assigned an area of expertise and publishes articles and case studies on a regular basis. For them, learning began at 8 o'clock on day one and continues for their entire Media Net Link career.

We are platform agnostic, equally comfortable with Java and ASP as we are with Perl and PHP. While most of our projects contain a web component, we have created entire stand alone products implemented on CDs or other media . One of our greatest sources of pride is the continually favorable feedback we receive after a project is completed. Our technical analysts receive the highest grades not just for doing their job well but for being part of the team and making the work both productive and enjoyable.