Media Net Link

Portal Management

If we hear one more competitor talk about portal management and not fully understand what that entails, you will hear all of us screaming at the same time. We have been working on Portal development long before this became a buzz word.

Cross platform, Web based, easy-to-use solutions that provide client and employee access to information and applications is something no company should take for granted.

Everyone sells it as if it comes straight out of a box. Get real! This is complex stuff and it takes someone with experience to understand how to get into the nuts and bolts and put up something that looks as if it was always there. With ten years of experience in supporting Fortune 500 corporate web sites, we live and breathe this stuff every day and in every way.

Media Net Link was instrumental in the development of successful, industry-leading partner portals for both Cisco and HP.  Both Cisco and HP rely heavily on their partner portals to distribute their products; their portal sites are a significant portion of each company’s revenue stream.  Media Net Link built major portions of these portals and provides ongoing maintenance and support for these sites. HP and Cisco have rewarded us with ongoing requests for new work.