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"CoachSelling is a portal for several sales tools built by Media Net Link to help monitor and measure sales activity."

Built by professionals who have spent decades in financial sales and marketing, these tools are designed for managing the activity of a successful sales process and eliminating all the bloat so many selling systems carry.

Following the philosophies developed over the last decade by Tim Freeman of Efficient Marketing, CoachSelling tools are based upon the premise that Sales Leaders can learn to create a clear, executable plan that can be measured. Steering clear of the typical “measure by results” format, CoachSelling tools' primary function is to measure and report on activities in the sales process.

CoachSelling products help you determine what to measure and how often to report to ensure the goals in your plan are achieved.

  • AthenaRMS
    track issues, requests or any workflow content with this tool
  • Contact Beacon
    e-marketing tool for sending graphically rich messages
  • CoachSelling
    monitor and measure sales activity with this suite of tools
  • Web Services
    create a professional web presence with our web services

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