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"AthenaRMS is a versatile tool for tracking issues, requests or information that requires resolution or action."

AthenaRMS (Request Management System) works on the concept of workflow queues. Each item of interest- an issue, a request or even the name of a prospect- is entered as a ticket. Members of your work group then work on each ticket- resolving the issue, fulfilling the request, tracking the lead, or whatever the case may be. Each ticket can be routed to others and updated with additional information until the ticket is closed.

Your work group can use AthenaRMS to:

The most powerful aspect of AthenaRMS is its incredible flexibility. It was designed so that it can quickly and easily be tailored by you or by us to suit your use. You can display terminology and capture data that is specific to your business and your unique way of using the product.

Whether it is used for customer support, issue or defect tracking, lead generation, claims reporting, routing work on a team project, transferring records from one group to another, whistle-blowing or any other usage, AthenaRMS has the power and versatility to adapt to your business needs. And because it is web-based, AthenaRMS can serve as a virtual office where work groups who are geographically dispersed can share information.

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