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Creating a Virtual Office (Northgate Benefits)

Northgate BenefitsStarting a new company is a daunting task now matter how deep your pockets. When you have limited resources, the effort can be almost impossible. Media Net Link spent years developing a package of services that entrepreneurs can obtain to help create the complete office, including back office administration right up to and including sales. Northgate Benefits is such a client, and over time Media Net Link has provided a full range of products and services that give the client the leverage to compete with much larger competitors without absorbing their valuable resources.

Northgate Benefits provides comprehensive solutions for company benefits. Media Net Link was hired to provide a system for automating some of the administration of these services as well as designing a web-based presence that would help drive new business to the company.

The first task was to create a web site that was market driven and technologically advanced to take advantage of new developments happening on the Internet. The goal was to build a site fully integrated with prospecting for new clients. If Northgate Benefits was going to survive, they had to put almost all of their efforts into finding new clients. At first, the partners thought a web site was a nice to have but once they understood how they could prospect using the web the investment was made to build a robust site versus the more traditional passive site their competitors had. This new site provided public pages that explained the services to a prospect in a meaningful manner. In addition, there was an internal section available only to employees that housed a powerful CRM (Client Relationship Management) application that could be accessed from anywhere which held all prospect and client information. Finally, there will be a client log in site that all clients can access to review their personal information such as statements and regulatory information.

Incorporating email marketing with sophisticated tracking and reporting of prospects, Media Net Link created a system of technologies that enabled the partners to select target markets, prospect to them with their marketing messages, drive them to the web site for important selling attributes, and then flag those prospects who are most likely to be buyers.

With this system in place, the partners could focus their selling efforts on Hot leads versus cold calling the entire universe of prospects. Northgate Benefits created a marketing program that utilized Media Net Link’s Contact Beacon to communicate with targeted prospects. Fully integrated with their web site the system tracks prospects from the email to the web site. Using business intelligence, Northgate Benefits is able to tag those prospects most likely to be buyers based on their behavior on the site. Once tagged the information can be automatically updated on the company’s CRM where a sales person can access and immediately follow up on the Hot lead.

Media Net Link is able to provide small companies the technology needed to compete with much larger competitors. By automating the selling process, Northgate Benefits was able to utilize their limited resources to their fullest extent.