Media Net Link

Delivering ongoing development (IDT)

IDTIDT™ (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.) is a global leader in delivering vital semiconductor solutions that enable customers to accelerate innovation. IDT uses value-added resellers to distribute their products. Maintaining a viable reseller site as well as dynamic data bases on reseller metrics is a critical component for their company. Media Net Link was hired originally to be technical consultants for their reseller web site. Over time, and many projects later, we have grown to become a trusted source of expertise for their ongoing development.

Often a company decides not to develop full capabilities all at once. Our larger clients require an ongoing commitment from us which gives them the ability to continuously develop important aspects of their systems over time, as they grow. Media Net Link provides a method of service allowing for ongoing development which doesn’t require continuously creating special projects, lengthy approval processes, and needless vendor administration detail. With our full-service approach to dealing with our clients, we can tackle those larger projects as well as the more mundane smaller issues. IDT has plans to continue to develop its reseller network, and Media Net Link will provide the services for them to succeed.