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Aircraft FuelThe talk is all around using the new buzz word “Web 2.0”. The general idea is that the Internet has finally evolved to a level where companies can be created and exist exclusively on the Web. Some of the new methods of delivering web technologies and services can be incorporated into an almost limitless array of new companies. It seems that all one needs is a good idea and a partner to help them get up and running on the web. As many entrepreneurs have learned the hard way, building a complete web presence can become a black hole of despair filled with unending complication and resource sucking costs.

Media Net Link has spent years developing a package of services geared towards helping the entrepreneur get his company up off the ground and into the Internet at an affordable investment. is such a client of ours.

The founders of had a great idea: create a site that will, in one place, display all the prices of jet fuel available to a pilot who is planning a trip. Often the price of fuel will determine the itinerary for a corporate pilot. was created to determine the best price and provide a suggested itinerary for the pilot to achieve significant savings. The main issue for the founders was how to get this site up and running without using scarce capital to fund the needed development, support, maintenance and back office needed to run a company. Recognizing the opportunity these entrepreneurs were creating and their limited resources, Media Net Link offered the required back office support at a price that was most attractive. The deal was made between like minds who are working to achieve similar goals. is able to allocate its resources, both capital and manpower to the most important function of a start-up, get new clients in the door as fast as possible. Having Media Net Link act as the back office can focus on the revenue side of the business knowing that a trusted partner is back home minding the “store”.